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Latest social media updates in June 2023

Social media updates Instagram

There is always something new on our beloved Social Media platforms! Here are four key social media updates in June 2023 that you should pay attention to:

1. LinkedIn: Native scheduling on your company page (Social media updates June 2023)

For a long time, marketers have been asking LinkedIn to add a scheduling feature, and finally, the good news has come! Businesses can schedule their posts up to six months in advance and edit or delete their scheduled posts as needed. While this is currently unavailable for articles, video or polls, it's definitely a significant shake-up for businesses.

2. Instagram: New advertising types (Social media updates June 2023)

Two new advertising types - Reminder Ads and Ads in Search Results have been added to the platform to help businesses reach their target audiences more effectively to further drive engagement.

Reminder Ads allow businesses to promote upcoming product launches or events by sending reminders to users who have expressed interest in the brand's previous posts or Stories.

Ads in Search Results allow businesses to show their ads to users actively searching for specific keywords on Instagram.

3. TikTok: Best performing keywords (Social media updates June 2023)

The new Keyword Insights allows businesses to identify the best-performing keywords and optimise their content for maximum visibility and engagement.

Brands can now check the search frequency and the level of competition for that keyword, helping them to tailor their content to the interests of their target audience and improve their overall performance on TikTok.

4. Twitter: Blue Tick scheme (Social media updates June 2023)

The Blue Tick scheme has finally re-launched with a new eligibility criteria in regards to subscription, security, account completion, and account usage with a simplified application process for users to apply for verification and receive the coveted blue tick badge.

There is also a fee based on where you live. For better identification, Twitter also introduced new categories of accounts, such as scientists, journalists, and activists.

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