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Latest PR campaigns from around the world – Hong Kong

Hong Kong city skyline PR campaign

"Hello Hong Kong" and the reopening of "Asia’s World City" PR campaign

In anticipation of the return of tourists to Hong Kong after one of the world’s most stringent COVID regulations, the Hong Kong government launched the global promotional campaign “Hello Hong Kong” last month.

This included a generous giveaway of 500,000 free air tickets through its three local flight carriers to entice international travellers, especially from Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and the North Asia region. There were also one million “Hong Kong Goodies” visitor consumption vouchers, which included free welcome drinks at participating restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as different cash vouchers.

A lineup of over 250 events, including Hong Kong Seven,Art Basel, and the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival, will also be hosted in the city, reviving the entertainment and art scene slumber of the past few years!

Why this PR campaign matters

What comes to mind when you think about Hong Kong? Perhaps it’s the energetic Hong Kongers, delectable Cantonese cuisine, beautiful countryside, endless skyscrapers, much-hyped tourist attractions, and iconic neon signs. Even though the “Hello Hong Kong” campaign captured a few of these elements, it still lacked a compelling storyline. Good storytelling is key to creating an emotional bond with your audience.

Understanding your target audience to formulate your brand story is the first step of your successful content marketing strategy. Alternatively, consider working with a communication agency to help you develop an effective and powerful brand story for lasting audience engagement.

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